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Gordon knows his value. He is willing to dismiss and if the lightning is unwilling to give the contract he wants, he will ask the deal to go to a team who is willing to give him a big contract, which is the only weight in the contract negotiation. The absence of Gordon will have a huge impact on the new season hopes to go further farther in the playoffs, but any NFL team is now very cautious to the running guard.

Two points of self-confidence can be immediately in NFL
Some people may have questions about the quarter-saving sanctuary this year, but the most outstanding two believe that they are ready to play NFL season.

The broker said: "We received a quote & mdash; & mdash; negotiations have fallen into a deadlock & mdash; & mdash; but we get a copy time that matches Melwin, the first round show identity and in the past 4 years 2 times in the field of professional bowls, they don't respect us. "

Former Mamatikan signed a contract for 1 year
Minnesota Weizhen announced that it has been consequently reached in a 1 year, a contract worth $ 2.5 million, and Newman will enjoy 750,000 guarantees. This old man who has entered the league 13 years will continue to work in the final stage of his career.

Indeed, McCharti stayed in the Patriots. He will renew the team for 5 years and the contract reached $ 47.5 million. Although the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants thrown a tempting olive branch.

Watson, who won the national championship last season and entered the National Championship for two consecutive years, said that if the team said that he would like to wait for the opportunity, he will understand, cheap jerseys but he believes that he is also ready to start in the rookie season.

In 2003, cowboy took off Newman from Kansas State University in the first round, and then more than ten years later, Newman combined with 37 cases, this number is ranked third in the middle of the active player. Although it is no longer young, Newman still maintains a good health, and he can play at least 15 games every season. The 2nd occupational bowl old grabbed the career 11 times to the ball, 8 times, and shot the ball 169 times.

Gordon has absents most of the rest training, but participated in the mandatory mini training camp. At that time, when he was asked if he did not get a new contract, he would not participate in the training camp, Gordon said "I don't know."

Viking announced this signing on Friday, Newman, who was previously effective in Tiger for 3 seasons, and his career was in Dallas denim for 9 years. Viking, Mike, Mike Zimmer, is about to enter the coaching team, and the coach who has been with the defenders and Newman has had six years of cooperation experience, he believes that he believes Newman can help the team with rich experience.

wholesale nfl jerseys TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Prescott has been able to walk, and the anti-gravity treadmill and spa rehabilitation pool are also recovered, and these methods can ensure that the ankle will not be stressed. It can also keep him body shape.

Dallas Cowbi 4-point Jahi-Depezcot's ankle recovery is progress
Diak Prescott's ankle was seriously injured in the competition for 3 months, and Dallas denim admined that he was still the future of the team.

Express Almighty Gordon since the second grade season, the key player of the lightning offensive group, in the past three seasons, each season's offense has advanced more than 1300 yards, and a total of 38 times. When Gordon was bothered up last season, the performance of the lightning offensive group decreased significantly.

Bowei is effective to the chief to the 2014 season. He joined Cleveland Brown in 2015, but quickly his appearance will begin to decrease. He is just a seven game for Brown and is not considered one of the team's first four.

Of course, there is still a contract problem between Prescott and Cowboy. Since both sides cannot reach a constant approximately last year, Prescot can only get the privilege label contract in this season. Jerry Jones, Jones, recently, recently expressed the excellent performance of Prescott and the denim played thousands of feet in his absence, and the latter will occupy a greater advantage in negotiations.

"I have confidence in my ability and contribution to picking my team," Chutski said. "... I have a successful condition in NFL. & Quot; Asked whether I have to read it when I am ready to go out in a rookie season, Chutski briefly said:" Yes, "

It is possible that the knee of the Los Angeles Rooty, Todd Gurley, is hesitant to the Lightning Team. The ram has given Galli a big contract, but Galley has now continued to suffer from knee injury. Given the history of Gordon's injury, lightning may not be willing to give a contract including high security income.

Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina, Mitchell Trubisky and Deshaun Watson, Deshaun Watson, said he wants to and believes that he is ready to become better on Friday. Draft "and can become the first quarter-off. Cleveland Brown has a chamfer, and 49 people in San Francisco have a list of eyeballs.